VTOC Corp. – For the mission of cooperate alliance

VTOC is a diversified investment company dedicated to creating products and services that make life better. From design, repair, build house, construction, mechanical, real estate service, solar energy system, and agriculture organic farm, distribution services.

VTOC = Value – Time – Optimal – Corporate  with customer.

We operating our company with desire contribute the values to the world development and better things for social. We not yet the professional business, but we always try our best to learnt and do the things with the better every days. Our mission are Integrity – Prestige  – Team work – Respect for individual & values – Responsibility. 

We always try our best to improve our quality of product and service. We also always find the way to cooperate with the international expert to help us better. We ready to share our values to anyone can be come with us to the better.  Our mission is bring our product, service to make the better of the worlds.

Manufacturing/ distribution: Construction material, ductile iron pipe and fittings, valves, manhole, bar, drainage. Machine & equipment. Recycle energy equipment. Electric
Our strong point: Human resource – Finance – Management system – Commitment

RAMBON Corporation.

Manufacturing, distributor: Ductile iron pipe, fittings and valve (Tee, bend, adapter, manhole cover, …), valves (gate, butterfly, check…) and steel structure, prefab house, factory, mechanical assembled service.

Follow the Internation standard ISO and Europe standard.

Our cast iron and ductile iron product: pipe, fittings, valves, connector, adapter.

Mechanical machine.  Prefab house, steel structure, cast/steel frame, ….


Some the key project and clients.

The key clients:
Industrial complex Yên Bình, Sam Sung Thái Nguyên (Cost of  project 3 M $ to 60 M $ / project), Hải Phòng  water supply corporation,  7 project of Quang Ngai water supply and drainage, construction corporation (Cost of project 500,000 $ to 6 M $/ project), 3 project of Dong Nai water supply corporation, 2 project of Ho Chi Minh water supply corporation, and the project of the province as: Ninh Thuận, Bình Thuận, Huế, Thái Nguyên. Guhring Germanny corp, Mountech (ENGLAND) company, Spy Asia (Singapore), Saint Gobain (France), SD Steel corporation (China), SYI Corporation (China), Tao Ngộ Restaurent & factory, An Phu Long Office Building, ACB bank, BIDV bank, MB bank, Agribank bank, Anh Khương building, Hoàng Anh office building, Mechanical workshop 2 Danh Bình Định, Biển Đá Vàng Resort, Furniture factory BRA, Daklak water building, Kim Mỹ hotel, Hùng Cường hotel, Kim Long hotel,  café La Beteau – Q2, Factory Gò Cát, Shop VTOC Vũng Tàu, Fish meal facroryTân Thành, Freezer factory Tân Thành, Agriculture factory VTOC, Industrial zone Dung Quat, Quảng Ngãi, Apartment building VTOC 1, VTOC Office Buidling, Food An farm 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8…, Bà Rịa Vũng Tàu Administrative Center, ICT Ministry, Government office, Center office of Ho Chi Minh, Quang Ngai, Binh Thuan, Thai Nguyen, Nghe An…

 From 2009, in civil construction, we repair and build more than 1500 house, villa, office… And total clients of all business field is over 10,000 clients.