Agriculture & organic food farm (Fruits, livestock, make food)

  • Fruits – Bean and corn, seed – Vegetables – Medicine trees – Poultry – Sea fish.
  • Manufacturing the local (central of Vietnam) specialties, and food, spice organic.

We supply: Durian, Jackfruit, Pomelo, butter, guava, banana, coconut, mango, mango steen, custard apple, pine apple, star apple, soursop,… 
VTOC apply the high technology of agriculture for our fruits tree. Follow the Japan standard. With our high skill and experienced in growing the fruit, which make the fruit have high quality of taste, nutrient, fresh your health

We grow on our land, Global Gap & Organic full.
Jack fruit, Pomelo, Durian, Dragon fruit, Avocado, Longan, Lychee, Soursop, Custard apple, Rambutan, Pineapple, Guava, Mango, Lemon, Orange, Sapodilla, Mangosteen, Passion fruit, sugarcane, ..


Dry & powder fruit & vegetables, bean, pepper, ….
Degi Food used the raw fruit of good quality and natural, fresh. The material is clean storage, not over 6 month. We do not used any chemical. We apply the high-tech equipment, but still keep the traditional method to keep the good taste, natural quality, good for health.

Our dry fruit and vegetables, and fruit powder, vegetables powder as :
Durian, Cashew with salt, jackfruit, dragon fruit, mango, banana, guava, papaya, pomelo, corn, pepper, coffee.