Seafood & traditional food Vietnam

* Catching, providing wholesale and retail fish – fresh and dried shrimp – crabs.
* Make fish meal processing machine. Frozen and dry seafood (Tan Thanh).
* Processing Central specialties: Grilled mackerel, 1 sunny mackerel, sweet squid, mackerel fish sauce, Binh Dinh fish sauce. Shrimp fish paste. Sour shrimp. Pepper salt, seafood sauce.

  • Sour nem, grilled spring rolls, prawn ramen ground. Grilled pork skewers. Pork flakes, organic beef rolls. Dried chicken with lemon leaves, dried beef.
  • Ready-made dishes: dandelion, sour fish, weasel, grilled weasel, steamed boar, steamed breast, fried python, fried fried eel, grilled skewers.
  • Specialties of organic agricultural products: Pink plastic jam, pumpkin jam, banana dried sesame, litchi wine, dried cocoa beans, dried jackfruit, melon seeds, pumpkin jam.
  • Confectionery imported from USA, France, Japan and Korea. Particle shifts, chestnut, split.
    (High quality food gift solution).

Strengths: Fishing vessels, Professional factories. – International standard products – Professional management and management system. Food safety and hygiene. Bold momentum traditional hundred years.