May 27, 2018. VTOC group and the BCA Alliance of Partnerships formally created support programs to create jobs for the poor and poor families.

The program will support poor farmers, the poor able to work in food processing or agriculture. Will be participating in the VTOC & BCA program. They will be employed in workshops with food safety standards and adequate infrastructure. With organic raw materials and strict control to ensure 100% clean.

In the field of cultivation, VTOC will create conditions for the whole family to live and watch each field and garden. Will be trained and managed, guided directly by VTOC aquaculture engineers, on how to grow organically, get full capital support, and living conditions. Same salary. After harvesting, will be divided profits.

All processing or farming, are part of VTOC’s quality control system. Ensuring food hygiene and safety and quality of agricultural, meat and seafood products.

About factory infrastructure, machinery equipment, and the whole capital: VTOC corp & Cat Xanh Construction Joint Stock Company.

Regarding standards and technology: VTOC cooperates with Japanese experts. To issue standard certification on aquaculture and processing areas.

About the wholesale market: Supermarkets and member companies of Clb are BCA cooperative alliances.

Regarding market, retail and direct distribution: Degi Food will support.

The program is expected to create 100 direct employees and more than 1,000 indirect workers. As well as helping about 100 families with jobs and a stable life.

VTOC also invites everyone, whether just families or supermarket owners, export companies … to participate in this program by consuming even just one product of the program.

The entire profitable business of the program will be used to reinvest to create more opportunities for other poor people.

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