VTOC group was founded and developed by shareholders with many years of management experience for leading French and American engineering groups. And are Researchers of Strategy – Management – Innovation – Investment & Mentor – Developing Young Talents – Legal Science – Journalism Science. After 18 years of officially forming and developing from a small private service, we have now developed into an alliance VTOC group. Our mission is Value – Trust – Opportunity – Corporate => VTOC. We, through services and products, make constant efforts, build integrity in each employee, carry out that mission, develop together.

VTOC applies a code of conduct and standard actions as a tool to help VTOC adapt to rapid changes, a useful means of connecting and building trust between parties: customers, employees, shareholders. crowd, partners and community. With the goal of becoming one of the companies with the strongest business ethics, VTOC Group and members as: VTOC corp (investment, building materials, machinery and equipment, real estate, food, M&A); Cat Xanh (Green Sand) (Design, repair, construction, building materials), Food An (Agriculture, food), RamBon (mechanics, machinery, equipment). Legal support Club. VTOC constantly trains and develops. Developing staff according to the philosophy that we are pursuing, operating a strict supervision and management system, based on integrity, fairness, transparency and humanity.

We have a comprehensive strategic cooperation with the ISAI Institute of Strategy & Innovation, under the Central Council of the Vietnam Federation of Associations, certification by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the operation seal by the Ministry of Public Security. Specializing in Research, strategic consulting, governance, management, innovation, restructuring, investment, training, events, legal, communication. Transfer of technology, equipment and techniques. We are also active founding members of Creative Cooperation Club, Legal & Press Support Club, Security Economic News Port, KTAN; …to support customers, partners and contribute responsibly to the community. Thereby, we constantly improve and enhance our value systems to share, support and accompany our customers and partners.

In addition, we also jointly develop a volunteer club, a volunteer group with activities to help with diseases, disabilities, and create jobs. Vocational scholarships, poor blind children. Counseling, support, career development guidance. Legal aid. And community value-sharing activities such as founding a young talent development department, investment fund and support for startups. And play an active role in the development of the Creative Cooperation Club, in order to link brothers and sisters in businesses and industries for sustainable development together.

It can be said that VTOC is a place that provides high quality products and services, good prices, and dedicated services. Ensured by integrity and professional management and administration system, human resources are constantly trained both professionally and ethically. Besides, we always attach very important related values ​​to customers and partners such as sharing business experiences, supporting children and grandchildren, legal support, communication, exchange clubs, training and development together.

The prestigious business segments of VTOC Group are as follows:

+ Design, repair, build houses, villas, factories, works.

+ Construction materials (Ductile iron pipes – fittings – valves, HDPE; Manhole covers, railings, balconies, gates, fences of aluminum alloy copper/iron/cast iron; Sand, stone, steel, cement; Equipment; sanitation, electricity, water, etc.).

+ Mechanical processing, pre-engineering, Precision mechanics

+ Machines, equipment, science and technology (USA, Japan, Europe ..) (Import, negotiation, loans, assembled, transfer technology, maintenance, repair)

+ Farm & fruit and food shop; Weddings, conferences, seminars, events.

+ Consulting on management, strategy, innovation, restructuring, talent development. Invest & mentor startups.

+ Legal support: Disputes over land, property, marriage, license. Civil, criminal legal services…

+ Creative Collaborative Business Clubs (CCCA)

+ Legal and communication support club: Legal Journal (Kv MTTN); Security Economic news port;  KTAN.vn

The Chairman and CEO of VTOC Corp,Cat Xanh, Food An meeting with Under Secretary of US Department  of commerce in Washington DC, USA.


Dai Su Quan (1)
Our leader joint the select usa 2017 and 2019.

Our company always develop every year and stainable the structure. Hope to cooperate with everybody around the world.

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