VTOC Group promotes investment in agriculture and processing of clean organic foods.
Currently, the market for agro-aquatic and aquatic food products and processed foods of Vietnam is 
in very crisis. From seafood to meat, to agricultural and processed dishes. Just for the sake of beauty,
 aroma, increased volume ... they are willing to ignore the dangers that can cause death by chemicals,
 wrong way there.

Regarding farming today, nearly 100% now use inorganic fertilizers, chemicals, and toxic pesticides. Consequently, in the past, Vietnam used to be full of wild fish and shrimp. Now, even in the West, it is difficult to find copper fish … The soil is more callous, pests are increasing, because inorganic fertilizers, and pesticides make fertility. many of the soil dies, turning into dead soil, no more fertile and arising many harmful insects (due to the good bacteria killed). Therefore the quality of vegetables and fruits is alarming. And more terrible when purchasing, processing, they use chemicals soaked to create color and sweetness, long preservation …

As for meat, seafood, food, there is too much alarm news about unethical behavior such as injecting chemicals, leaning drugs, pumping water … and giving toxic chemicals to create fragrance, toughness, and beauty. .

And with the financial potential, and the staff, as well as the family of the VTOC Board of Directors and the companies in the BCA alliance, especially extensive international relations. VTOC Group has invested heavily in the fields of agriculture, seafood and food processing, ensuring both family food sources and making a small contribution to the stability of agricultural and food quality of the society.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors and the General Director of the Seafood and Fish Meal Processing Factory met with representatives of two leading Japanese experts in the field of agriculture.

VTOC invests from the root as raw material areas of fruits and vegetables, fruit trees, medicinal herbs with natural methods and uses only organic fertilizer and prevention and treatment of microbiological diseases transferred by Japanese No.1 Corporation. co-operate. Besides, VTOC allies several professional companies in the clan line of the Board of Directors and families with traditions in seafood, agriculture and processing. And has the capacity to cultivate and process products to develop not only clean from the root (traceability and control of how to do it) and also the fishing fleets.


Like the family, the Hai Danh family, in Binh Dinh, With over 300 years of tradition in fishing and processing of local specialties. The families of Ms. Ba Thanh and Ms. Lanh specialize in purchasing and processing specialties. Lien Phat and Ba Mai families with the tradition of cultivating and fruit trees, processing agricultural products. As well as experts, reputable families in alliance with VTOC in southern and western provinces. VTOC invests to upgrade them up, with processing factory systems, to apply standardization. And VTOC always develops a professional management system to help management, operation and supervision.


Beside us follow a closed process from fishing. And farming on our managed land. And exploiting, harvesting, processing, packaging and consuming according to Japanese and American standards. And operated in a professional management and management system operated by leaders with many years of experience in French, American and Japanese corporations. With a team of skilled professionals.

We currently develop and supply the following products through retail and wholesale channels:

– Organic fruits: Durian, Jackfruit, Mango, Grapefruit, Avocado, Tangerine, Mangosteen, Banana, Owe, Thanh Long, Longan, Melon, Watermelon, Breast milk, coffee, pepper, soursop

– Nuts and spices: Cashews, black beans, chickpeas, red beans, sesame, peanuts. Caphe, Pepper, chili, onion, garlic, lemongrass, galangal, turmeric, ginger.

– Medicinal materials: Clove, ginseng, perfection, cedar, hedgehog, tam ventricle,….

– Processed products: Roasted cashew nuts, lemon peach honey, Hibiscus syrup, dried fruits, pickled apricots, jams, rock sugar.

– Vegetables: Carrots, leeks, eggplants, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, squash, melon, gourds, pumpkins, natural flowers, greens and grass for cows and goats.

– Processed dishes in Binh Dinh: Beef ball, pork silk ball, Gio thu, Nem Chua, Dry deer, dried beef, dried chicken with lemon leaves, pork in fish sauce (all raw materials are organic, clean meat ). Mackerel fish, Mackerel fish sauce, anchovy fish sauce, a sunny squid, a sunny mackerel, mackerel in fish sauce, sweet squid, …

– Dried seafood and 1 sunny: croaker, mackerel, giant fish oh, green fish, silverfish, rays. ..

– Fresh seafood: Mackerel, chang, silverfish, greenfish, tuna, betel, grouper, grouper, ray, giant grouper, cobia, mullet, goby, brown fish, humpback fish, rabbit fish, snapper, snapper, alum fish, flagfish. And squid, shrimp, crab. Depending on the catch by day. Or frozen exports.

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