Many people already know about February 14, in Vietnam we call it Valentine’s Day, but in fact it must be properly called “Valentine’s Day” because it translates from the original English word “Love”. . But the word “I love you” has become a global immortal word, the essence of the word “Love you” is “love you, love parents, love brothers, love …” generally it applies to a few are 2 people, or 1 billion people are fine. So there are a lot of bad jokes that are funny and funny. Many couples have close friends who are foreigners. When they greet each other, they often say “I love you” so the other person can be a “fire” if not understood.

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Valentine also known as Valentino was a priest under the Roman Emperor Claudius II, in the 3rd century, the Roman Empire engaged in many bloody wars across the continent and was not supported by the people.
Due to the difficulty of getting young men to join the army, Claudius II argues that the main reason is that Roman men do not want to leave their families or lovers and marriage only makes the man weak. soft; therefore, Claudius II ordered a ban on weddings or engagements to focus on battles. (Maybe it is more appropriate to ban because nowadays,  it’s too easy to love each other .. (Hei ..)
St. Valentine is a man of great kindness and love for humanity, because he worshiped God and did not surrender to Rome Claudius II. Father Valentine in Rome, with St. Marius continue to celebrate the wedding for young couples in secret. When discovered, Father Valentine was arrested and sentenced to death in the most tragic and cruel form of dragging and stoned to death.


Thánh Valentine, nguồn gốc của Lễ tình nhân Valentine 14/2 toàn cầu.

In the afternoon before leaving the law school, he sent his first “Valentine card” to the daughter of prison guard Asterius, the blind girl who had been miraculously healed by him earlier, stating: Love all of our fellow human beings, no matter the circumstances! and sign “dal vostro Valentino” – from your Valentine (“From your Valentine”). Until now, couples still have a tradition of signing their names with the phrase “From your Valentine” of the old days instead of their names in Valentine cards. It is true that Mistress is love, is a word used to express a close relationship, not just for a couple.
Gradually, the 14th of February each year became the day of exchange of the messages of love and St. Valentine became the patron saint of couples. People celebrate this day by sending each other poems and giving each other traditional gifts of roses and chocolates.
And the real meaning of Valentine is the name of a priest and he died on February 14 because of his love for his fellow man and he wants to protect the love of everyone. Man can kill the body, but love will not be killed. And His final admonition to us is human love, say love to the person you want to say and should say whether grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles … We are often wrong mistakenly think that if you are a relative, you can understand in your heart, what to say. But it is a waste to say that spiritual word “love” to those who are just acquainted. Even though it’s difficult, take advantage of another time of family reunions, intimate meals, or a quiet moment to write a letter of confession and write or say the words “I love you grandparents, I love you mom…”.

Valentine bắt đầu từ tình yêu của Ngài dành cho con người.

And for a long time, the Valentine’s Day, February 14, has become a global symbol day, irrespective of religion or ethnicity … As Christmas Day (noel) has become a common holiday of the world.

Valentine, the symbol of love

And on this Valentine’s Day, February 14, all the leaders and employees of VTOC Corporation (Cat Xanh, Food An, RamBon, Go Protect, VTOC Pharma) and Institute of Strategy and Innovation (ISAI ), Clb / Vietnam Innovation Business Association (VINBA), ISAI Press & Lawyers, Commercial and Business Nespaper, and other affiliated newspapers / magazines wish all partners, customers, friends, even a small love interest from us. As our mission is “Served from love” “From VTOC love to you”
And if grandparents, uncles, sisters, brothers, sisters, and children have finished reading this article, please boldly say loving words to your loved ones. As St. Valentine has with the last of his heart, “Love no matter under any circumstances” even if it is pandemic Corona, Covid 19.

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